XT Auto Travel CPAP – Apex

$7,800.00 $6,300.00

Full Set

Include:Humidifier, one of any mask available with headgear, tubing, heated humidifier, transformer, travel bag, memory card, filter

Mask available:

【Nasal】 【Pillow】 【Full Face】



An instant HK$500 discount available for Rental Rebate

Trade-In your old machine for HK$500up rebate

Civil Servant Scheme

Free of charge credit card payment (Visa/Masted Card/Union available)


XT series is one of the smallest CPAP in market, which is suitable for both home use and travel use. Effective therapy are proven. Some more advanced function include SD card usage data memory, PVA pressure relief during exhalation.


Size of Palm  Built-In Power  User-friendly UI SD Card 
Small sized allow the machine to be easily packed into suitcase or be placed of bed table. No external power supply needed. Save you extra space and weight extra light.  Back lighted LCD monitor for user to easily browse for necessary information.  SD card enable easy-to-use way to record and export detailed usage data for your daily therapy. 


Super Quiet Enhanced Stability
Finely designed to ensure noise level during operation is as low as possible. With enhanced stability of pressure output, unnecessary air flow are eliminated.
PVA Pressure Relief
PVA pressure relief system is to provide smooth pressure drop when user breathing out. Pressure will resume to level needed when breathing in. There are 3 levels of pressure relief are available and thus offering a better compliance.
u Pressure drop when changing from inhalation to exhalation.

v During exhalation, lower pressure level will be delivered.

w After exhalation, pressure will resume to the level needed. 


Apnea Measurement
To ensure therapy effectiveness, when breathing pauses detected, PVA will stop temporary until breaths return to normal.

Auto Adjustment

Apex credited pressure adjusting algorithm enable lowest pressure resulting in optimal effectiveness. Clinical study result shows linical study result shows AHI lower than 5 with SpO2 as high as 95% after using Apex Auto system.



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