AirCurve 10 VAuto BiLevel – ResMed

$17,300.00 $15,800.00

Full Set

Include: One of any mask available with headgear, tubing, ClimateLine Air heated hose, HumidAir heated humidifier, transformer, travel bag, memory card, filter

Mask available:

【Nasal】 【Pillow】 【Full Face】

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An instant HK$500 discount available for Rental Rebate

Trade-In your old machine for HK$500up rebate

Civil Servant Scheme

Free of charge credit card payment (Visa/Masted Card/Union available)


VAuto BiLevel Auto Adjust

Programmed with more automatic system compare to AutoSet. Solving every breathing pause with the most optimal pressure, preventing any unnecessary leakage and side effects. Large pressure support range for better usage experience.

Airflow of users are being measured breathe by breathe. Pressure adjustment will take place to neutralize every apnea, snoring and flow limitation. When situation allow, pressure will drop to ensure comfort.


Ultra quiet Easy-Breathe motor

Only extremely small noises will be made during operation to ensure minimum disturbance.

Library 40dB
Unpopulated Suburban Area 30dB
AirCurve 26.6dB


VSync Monitoring

VSync system will measure mask leakage full time during operating. Pressure leakage will be compensated by feedback responses to ensure offering the most effective therapy.


TiControl Feature

By altering TiMax and TiMin, machine can provide breathing support to prevent insufficient breathing.


HumidAir Heated Humidifier

Built-In heated humidifier won't occupy any unnecessary extra space while providing warm humid air output.

Humidification level can be fine tuned among 8 levels of intensity. Easy compliance under any kind of weather, location or time.


Colorful LCD screen

Front sided screen is designed to work with simple and easy to use user interface. You can get access to useful data any time you want.

Also, brightness of screen will auto adjust according to environment.


Usage Report

AirCurve can record usage data including apnea indices. You can browse the recent usage data on screen or get detailed data through data card.


Smart Start/ Off

You can turn on your AirCurve without pushing a single button but just by a few breathe.


Additional information


Australia/ Singapore



Pressure Range


Pressure Relief

Noise Level

26.6 dB(A)


1.25kg/ with transformer 1.83kg


100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.5-1.0A


Mask、Heated Tube、Tube、Humidifier、Transformer、Travel Bag


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